Torba Farmers Market Returns

Pay a visit between 8am and 9pm every Saturday 

Saturdays in Education City throughout the winter are best spent at Torba Farmers Market.  

If you’ve been patiently anticipating its return as we have, we have good news for you: Torba will return this Saturday (December 10).  

However, before you rush to Ceremonial Court, note that the Torba Farmers Market is shifting to a new location next to Oxygen Park and Multaqa (Student Centre).  

With the new location, the market will be able to expand its plant section. Monthly themes, a kids’ area, workshops, and live cookery will also be available.  

And for those of you who own dogs, your four-legged friends are still extremely welcome. 

The Torba Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. until April.  

The list of vendors has not yet been released, but last year’s markets featured restaurants like Bao, Cafê Crêpe, and Toasted as well as coffee shops like Earth Organics, LOFT, and Waves.  

Visitors from the previous year had the opportunity to shop local icons like Cló Sunlight Apparel and Ecoterini.  

Interested in participating yourself? Applications for vendors are now also available.  

Keep an eye on @farmersmarketqa for the most recent information about the new site and the sellers at upcoming markets.  

opening on December 10th. Sat. 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Farmers Market @farmersmarketqa, Torba Farmers Market, Multaqa, Education City. 


Authentic slice of Greece in Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Amphitheatre is unquestionably the most breathtaking feature of Katara Cultural Village and a must-see for both visitors and locals. But the next time you’re in the region, we believe you should head straight for Hellas, an almost-as-impressive (albeit somewhat smaller) ode to Greek culture.  

At September 2020, Hellas opened its doors for business in Katara’s South Plaza, joining a small number of other Greek eateries already operating there. The decor, which features whitewashed walls, blue accents, and rattan finishings, will serve to some extent to transfer you to one of the Greek islands—without nearly as many tourists—and the outside terrace’s accessibility to the water is undoubtedly beneficial.

A brief glance at the menu makes our tummies growl as we settle into a cozy nook at the restaurant’s far end. Before going on to heavier courses like the eggplant rolls and bougiourdi, a bread basket and dips like tzatziki and melitzana are a must. Cheese enthusiasts will be in their element, and seafood aficionados will enjoy the grilled octopus with Santorinian fava or the calamari very much.  

The succulent and flavorful chicken souvlaki offered as a main course is presented on a skewer, while vegetarians will love the filling mushroom giouvetsi. Make sure to visit on a Sunday or a Monday if you’re going here for gyros (which, of course, you are). Otherwise, you won’t be able to place an order order it during the rest of the week. 

Choose the galaktoboureko, which is served with a scoop of ice cream and is topped in syrup, for an authentic treat. Even after our last huge feast, we still find ourselves squabbling over the last few bites.

On our most recent visit, we had no trouble finding a seat, but we anticipate that the outdoor seats will be in high demand now that the weather is cooling off. Service is prompt and courteous, and service members are always eager to suggest food (and to forgive us for our terrible pronunciation).  

This restaurant’s dedication to authenticity and delicious food will serve it well after a slew of new Greek eateries launch throughout the city.  

Greek flavors in Katara? Only Hellas could explain it.  

daily from noon to 11 p.m. Qatar’s Katara Cultural Village (4408 0810). 


Stunning pan-Asian spot overlooking The Ritz-Carlton’s marina is a must-visit for sushi lovers

B-Lounge unquestionably deserves an A rating for everything from the amazing ambiance to the delectable food, but as our most recent visit shows, service still needs improvement before it reaches that level.  

The environment will be the first thing to impress you, so let’s start there. The patio, which views out over the marina, will make a wonderful backdrop for any photograph, especially at dusk. Both spaces, which are divided into a restaurant on the ground floor and a lounge on the second floor that puts the lounge in B-Lounge, are chic and contemporary with copper tones, patterned wall tiles, and cloth that hangs from the ceiling to resemble sails. 

We start our meal with the sushi that B-Lounge is famous for after shooting a gazillion pictures. Although the veggie rolls with asparagus and mushrooms and the spicy and crunchy tuna rolls live up to their names, those who want to overindulge can order a plate of either 20 or 36 pieces. Fans of dim sum should choose the tom yum-sauced lobster dumplings, which are also a great choice, and edamame is always a good choice.

With entrees like ceviche, miso black cod, and chicken kung pao, you can explore all of Asia. For those who have already overindulged on sushi, a smaller dish from the robata grill would be a terrific way to end the evening, especially if you choose the avocado flame. The Thai red shrimp curry is also excellent. Of course, you may always end the meal with a sweet treat like the miso cheesecake or mochi. 

The B-Lounge is renowned for its cocktails as well. It has a wide selection of mixed drinks, some of which are unusual tea-infused drinks. We would have wanted to sample more mocktails, but the service is consistently exceedingly slow. We might tolerate a staff shortage, but unfortunately our server appears to forget about our table, so we end up waiting far longer than we would have wanted. 

We believe B-Lounge will lead the pack if the service is raised to the customary five-star Ritz-Carlton level.  

Sat. through Thurs. noon to midnight; Fri. 1pm to midnight. West Bay Lagoon, The Ritz-Carlton Doha, and (5080 4421).






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