Media City Qatar and SNRG Partner Up to host Qatar’s Esports forum

Qatar is emerging as a significant player in the global esports scene, with the MENA region witnessing unprecedented growth and attention due to the investments made in its esports ecosystem. As countries across the region focus on attracting talent, hosting major tournaments, and fostering industry development, Qatar is ready to tackle esports head on, and become one of its main players.

With a tech-savvy population, particularly among the youth, Qatar boasts a vibrant online community deeply engaged in gaming and esports. This presents a unique opportunity for Qatar to establish itself as a prominent hub for esports in the region and beyond. 

In light of this potential for growth and innovation, Media City Qatar, in collaboration with SNRG, a leading esports company, is proud to announce the inaugural Media City Qatar Esports Forum. Scheduled to take place on May 19th, 2024 in Doha, Qatar, this landmark event aims to shape Qatar’s esports future and encourage further developments in the local esports ecosystem.

In keeping with its role as a catalyst for media excellence and entrepreneurship in the region, the inaugural Media City Qatar Esports Forum presented by SNRG will provide a platform for industry leaders, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to convene, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities in the rapidly evolving world of esports – through panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, and networking sessions.

This forum represents a pivotal moment for Qatar’s esports scene, offering a unique opportunity to showcase the country’s potential and chart a course for future growth and success. With the support of partners such as Visit Qatar and Qatar Esports Federation, the event aims to elevate Qatar’s position as a leading hub for esports in the MENA region.

We are delighted to partner with SNRG for this new forum and help drive Qatar’s esports evolution. This is a key sector in the new media world and we are determined to support Qatar and the MENA region in their efforts to be at its leading edge,” – Thair Al Anani, Director of Business Development at Media City Qatar.

“The Qatar Esports Federation is proud to be a part of this forum, and to be leading the esports evolution in Qatar. We are dedicated to fostering growth and development in this sector, to propel Qatar into the global esports stage” – Ahmed Al Meghessib, Head of Sports Affairs Sector at Qatar Esports Federation.

“SNRG is proud to collaborate with Media City Qatar to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and shape the future of esports in Qatar and beyond. The forum will aim to unlock opportunities and enlighten its attendees about Qatar and its potential in esports.” – Ibrahim Samha, Co-Founder & CEO of SNRG.





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